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Hadi SamadiHadi Samadi
12:01 25 May 23
I performed a 2nd session of hair transplantation, I was in another clinic for 1st session, but the result went badly, I was not satisfied with the process at all. I met Ms. Elif, went to the meeting, everything was very good, but I still had a fear after the operation, I said I'm good. The 2nd session was my last chance and as they say, I vouch for them because everything turned out well, and even more. They stand behind the process they do and help you. You can trust with confidence. Thank you very much to Ms. Elif and Mr. Servet.👌🤝🙏💎
Fatih İnceerFatih İnceer
12:30 02 Mar 23
I researched many places for hair transplantation. I chose Estenivo. I would like to thank my consultant Ms. Burcu, whom I could reach at any time before and after the operation, my doctor Mr. Serkan and his team. You can be chosen with confidence.
17:08 27 Feb 23
Hello friends, as everyone knows about hair transplantation, I had questions such as will the transplanted hair fall out and what level of service would be after the transplant, believe me, my hair is thicker than before and the price is far below the market. Don't let the affordable price make you think wrong. You can go with peace of mind. Who is always with me and supports me with healthy informationMy consultant Ms. Burcu Our doctor Ms. wish was always a phone call away while some hair transplant centers charge extra for prp and mesotherapy, este nivo hair transplant center did not charge me any fee. I had 5 sessions of prp and mesotherapy done, good luck to everyone, thank you very much for everything. thank you..❤️
Halil KelesHalil Keles
09:43 24 Feb 23
Hello, 1 year ago I decided to have a hair transplant, I did research, I always had a question mark in my head, then I met Ms. Damla, I went to the hospital to be examined. When I met Serkan, the question marks in my head disappeared and I decided to have a hair transplant. It has been 20 days. I am very satisfied with the process. I am getting good reactions from the people around me.First of all, I would like to thank my advisor, Mrs. Damla. She follows the process very well. We should not forget the teacher Serkan and the friendly staff who work there. Mrs. Güllü, Mrs. Şükrü, Mrs. Rumeysa, thank you to everyone who contributed 🙏
Mehmet Can YalçınMehmet Can Yalçın
13:04 24 Jan 23
Hello, first of all, Elif, Mrs. Serkan, I am very pleased with both of you, may God bless you, you took care of yourself a lot, so I didn't think about it at first, but then I thought about hair transplantation, I came to meet Mr. Serkan, I met you, I'm happy with both of you, you are interested in your customers, thank you